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The best Coaches in April

The best Coaches in April

If you want to advertise on our website, all you have to do is add a prize for the best written opinions. To do it you have to find an interesting you table on the side, click add a prize here, and transfer some money on our PayPal. It’s as cheap as $1 right now […]

The best coaches in March

The best coaches in March

You already know you can win money here, and you know how. If not go to read rules. The question that is not answered yet is how much you can win in here? Well the list is on the side and as you can see it's not very much, but that what we can afforded […]

The best Coaches in January

The best Coaches in January

Who was the best football manager in January 2017? Well there are more than one answer, and that's why we made this website. Any football fan can write his opinion here, and than we will compare them in our voting system where each time you vote only between three randomly selected players and opinions. The […]

The best coaches in 2015.

Our list of the best coaches is short, but you can help us make it bigger. Who is missing on this list? Add him to our game! It’s easy, just go to vote for the best football player – give us your votes in five categories, you’ll see the current month standings, and you’ll have […]

The best Coaches in September 2015

Who and why deserves to be the coach of the month? Vote for the best football player (and coach) to give us your opinion. If your Candidate is not here yet, you can easily add him. He will be added to our “League’” and every month will be compared against other coaches, or players. And if your […]

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