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Promote your site here

1. The easiest way to promote your website here is to fund a prize. To do this, please go to main page find interesting you table and click +add link. You can add your link to the table by paying only $1 but remember the number of places on the front page is limited, so basically you will have to pay more then the others to be on main page.

(NOTE: If other sponsor will pay more, your link will disappear from the main page and will be visible only in the full view of the table.)

Your link will be there until end of the month, when we will reset tables, pay prizes to the most valuable Opinions, and start again with new month.


2. Still easy and FREE way to advertise here (and maybe even win some money) is to by writing Opinions about a Candidate. You are allowed to add a link with every written Opinion. Your link will appear every time with the Opinion. To write an Opinion and add a link go to “Vote for the best:” on our front page, and after votes in all categories you will have a chance to do it.

For example, if you have a blog about food, you can write why Scrambled eggs is the best breakfast and add a link to your Scrambled eggs recipe.
(NOTE: Your Opinion and your link must be connected, we will not approve links to the different topics than your Opinion or/and Candidate)

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How much money you can make here?

See below how much you can win for writing Opinions in each Category.

If you also think the prizes are very small, help us find sponsonrs, or became one.

To fund a prize, and have your link on the front page you have t fund a prize higher than others, there are only 10 posiiotns on the front page.

The list of prizes with sponsors for this month below: