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How to play?

OK, “play” may be too big word here. These are basic rules in our “voting system”:

Candidate” – anything that aspires to be the best in its field. For example: Kayne West is the Candidate for the best rapper, Bondi Beach is the Candidate for the best beach and Cristiano Ronaldo for the best football player.

Apart from the Candidates table there is an Opinions table working on the same principals.

Opinion” – anything that makes the Candidate the best. For example: “because it is only 15 min away from the city, and has anything you need: big waves, restaurants, girls.” Or: “because he scored five goals in one game.”

There can be an unlimited number of Candidates

Candidates can have an unlimited number of Opinions.

Each time you vote, you’ll be asked to vote only between three randomly selected Candidates and three Reasons attached to those Candidates.  You have to vote for the best between those three only.

“Winners” – selected by you Candidate and Opinions will get +2 points.

“Losers” – not selected Candidates and Opinions will get -1 point each.

All points accumulate in one table. See the example below:

So after first round the table will look like that: (Candidate A was selected)

1. Candidate A +2

2. Candidate B -1

3. Candidate C -1

After second round: (Candidate B was selected)

1. Candidate A  1

2. Candidate B  1

3. Candidate C  -2

And after n-th round:

1. Candidate A  +20

2. Candidate B  +10

3. Candidate C  -30

The sum of points is always 0. New added Candidates and Opinions will start with 0 points, in the middle of our table, not at the bottom. Example:

1. Candidate A   +20

2. Candidate B   +10

3. A new Candidate   0

4. Candidate C     -30

You can add a Candidate and/or Opinions at any time and you can add unlimited number of them.

Candidates DO NOT WIN MONEY here. First, we think Leo Messi or Jay-Z have already enough and second, how do you expect me to pay to Copacabana Beach or Pizza Pepperoni.

Opinions WIN MONEY here for people that write them, if you think you are good writer you should take your chance. Counting points system is the same for Opinions, but because each Candidate can have unlimited Opinions, it may happen that one good Reason can make +30 points and two other bad ones -20 each and bring the Candidate below middle of the table.

Learn how to add a Opinions and/or Candidate>> 

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