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How to add a Candidate or an Opinion?

To really take a part of our game you would like to add a Candidate or/and an Opinion.

To do this you have to vote first, and at the end you will see the current month standings and below the table button TELL US WHO IS THE BEST. First check if your Candidate is on our drop down list, if it’s not don’t worry, you can write a name of new Candidate. Write your Opinion, your nickname, your PayPal account (you’ll receive yours money this way) and that’s it! Sit down and wait, come back in a while to see how is your Candidate doing.

At the beginning of each month we will publish the winners’ list and more, so stay in touch by following us on social media and maybe you’ll win some money.

How much can you win?>>

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How much money you can make here?

See below how much you can win for writing Opinions in each Category.

If you also think the prizes are very small, help us find sponsonrs, or became one.

To fund a prize, and have your link on the front page you have t fund a prize higher than others, there are only 10 posiiotns on the front page.

The list of prizes with sponsors for this month below: