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How much can you win?

If you know already <<how to play you probably want to know why should you. Answer is simple: You can promote your blog or site, and you can win money. How much? Well it all depends how much our sponsors will fund – you can see the sponsor tables on the front page and they change everyday.

The relation here is simple: they will fund more, if they will see more views, they will see more views, if YOU give us more votes and Candidates or Opinions.

Each month The Number One will fund some prizes to start, rest of it is in our sponsors and YOURS hands.

So, please share, tweet, upvote, link – because it will bring more sponsors.

We are also looking for any sort of partnership, so if you want to become a part of this site let us know.

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How much money you can make here?

See below how much you can win for writing Opinions in each Category.

If you also think the prizes are very small, help us find sponsonrs, or became one.

To fund a prize, and have your link on the front page you have t fund a prize higher than others, there are only 10 posiiotns on the front page.

The list of prizes with sponsors for this month below: