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Full list of prizes in September 2015

YES!!! You can win money here! All you need is a little bit of writing skills and a little bit of passion. Write about your favorite things in the world, if your writing will be good enough, and other users will vote for it you will win money. How much? The full list is available […]

Full list of sponsors in July

Here you can see how much you can win in July. Those are list of all prizes in all categories, so if you funded your link 24h ago and it is still not here, please contact us!

The number one Tourist Destinations in April

The number one Tourist Destinations in April

What are the best Tourist Destinations according to our users? The list for April 2016 is here. Have a look at it and if you think it is wrong you should do something to change it! And you can do a lot on this website – from voting to even winning money. Have fun with […]

The number one cities in April

If you have something that makes you like your city – share it with us – add an opinion. Not only you will help your city became The City Of The Month, but also can help yourself winning some money. Do not wait – vote for the best city – see the current month standings […]

The number one rapper in April

The number one rapper in April

If you are a hip-hop fan you probably have your favorite rapper that is not on our list. Have some fun and add him to our game, write a few words about him, or just write his good punchline. If your opinion will be good and other users will vote a lot for it – […]

The number one Football Players in April

The number one Football Players in April

Welcome everybody in May 16. It’s time for the April’s results, and that’s how looks our, or maybe yours Eleven Of  April 16. This list belongs to you, you are free to vote as many times as you want, and you are also free to add as many players as you want. It is only […]

The number one food in April

The number one food in April

Hello everybody in a new month. It’s May already and it’s time for results from April. Any time to check the current month standings you have to go to vote for the best food, and after votes in four categories you will see the current month standings. You are also free to vote as many […]

The number one rappers in March

The list of the most popular rappers is here. It's a list for March and if you want to make it look different in next months you should go to vote for the best rappers, and even after votes add a rapper if he's not here yet, and you could write an opinion about him […]

The best cities in March

The list of the best cities in the world in march 2017 is here. The list is a combined result of your votes and opinions in six categories: Education and career, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Contact with nature, Culture and other. You can vote for your city, and if is not on the list, you can easily […]

The number one football players in March

Like every month in the we have a list of the best / the number one football players  from last month. So today we present you the best eleven players for March 2017. We “play” the old-school 4-4-2 formation and it looks like that according to YOU. Yes it's a list made by YOU, do […]

The number one food in March

Welcome everybody in the new month. It’s beginning and it means that we have the results from the previous month for you. The results for the number one things in this world. At first traditionally goes food, have a look at the most delicious foods on this planet, and do not forget to vote in […]

The number one Tourist destination in February

The number one's Tourist destinations in February 2017 list is here see below if you agree with it. If not you can easily change it by voting for the number one tourist destinations in March, by adding new places, and by writing opinions about those places. With every written opinion we allow to add one […]

The number one city in February

See below the list of all Candidates for the number one cities in the world. Is your city on the list? If not you can easily add it – just go to vote for the number one city – give us votes in four categories – see the present month standings and you’ll have your […]

The number one Rapper in February

Who was the number one rapper in last month? See our list below, well not really our list but yours, here only you decide who is the number one and who is on the list – yes you can add as many rappers as you want but you can also write an opinion about him, […]

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See below how much you can win for writing Opinions in each Category.

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