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The most valuable opinions in June in Football player

It’s easy – choose your favorite football player, tell us why is he the best (write your Opinion, in our terminology) and wait for the next report – because nobody win this month. If your Opinion is good and other users will vote for it, you can win some money! Read the Rules to learn how to play!


The most valuable opinions:


1 Gianluigi Buffon    “Gianluigi Buffon is certainly one of the best goalkeepers in the world: he’s not flashy, he is not arrogant, and he doesn’t make many mistakes. He displays of bravery during important matches have proven that he is worthy of being Italy’s and Juventus’s number one, goalkeeper” Pouya Marvasti $5.00
2 Alex Ferguson   “He certainly helped me a lot and helped us all. At the time I was coming into the squad as a young lad and there were a few other young lads. He brought all that together and made us world [club] champions. I’m very grateful for everything he’s done.” Wayne Rooney $4.50
3 Víctor Valdés    “There is a case for arguing that if the former Barcelona custodian was any other nationality, he would be his country’s number one. But Valdes has had the misfortune of being in his prime at the same time as Casillas, who has held the Spain jersey for over a decade.” – Stewart Coggin $4.00
4 Pablo Zabaleta   “The Argentine full-back may not be the most exciting player, but he is solid, reliable and always chips in with a goal when one is needed. An admirable captain for a strong City side.” – caughroffside team $3.50
5 Javier Mascherano   “Though he plays mostly as a defender with Barcelona, the former Liverpool destroyer reminded the world that he’s still one of the game’s best anchors in midfield.” – Richard Farley $3.00
6 Robert Lewandowski   “Even watching videos of ‘Lewy’ at his first senior club Znicz Pruszkow, you can see he was destined to move onto better things. Raw, unfinished, but with an undoubted talent that needed just a little guidance.” – Ryan Hubbard $2.50
7 Pep Guardiola   “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. True, but you can tweak it and by taking the best of Barcelona and marrying it to the brawn of Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola has answered any lingering doubts as to who is the best coach on the planet.” Simon Cass $2.00
8 Philipp Lahm   “Seeing the full-back have a bad game is one of those rare occurrences that is comparable to that of a comet passing across the skyline, such is the calm and professional approach Lahm brings to the game. In an all conquering team full of stars at the Allianz Arena, the Germany international is arguably the most important to the team’s success.” – Tom Seymour $1.50
9 Xabi Alonso   “Along with Paul Scholes, Alonso is probably the best passer of a football to play in the Premier League. Since moving to Real Madrid (…) Alonso has only cemented his reputation as one of the world’s best. His ability to pick out a teammate with a long diagonal is practically unrivalled.” – Tom Seymour $1.00
10 Steven Gerrard   “What is Liverpool without Stevie G? The Reds are hoping they won’ t have to find out for a few more years.” – Kirsten Schlewitz $0.50

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