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The most valuable opinions in Tourist Destination in January

Vote for the best tourist destinations! See if there is some interesting place missing, and if think it belongs here, you can just simply add it to our game. Write your opinion about it, and maybe you could win some money next month. Here is the list of winners in January 2017, if you see your name, check your account.

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1 Leaning Tower of Pisa
Pisa, Italy  
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most remarkable architectural structures in Europe. Most famous for its tilt, the tower began to lean during construction after soft ground on one side was unable to properly support the structure's weight. $5.00
2 Orchard Road
Orchard Road is the main shopping street of Singapore, regularly frequented by the locals as well as being a major tourist attraction. Named after the fruit orchards that the road led to, Orchard Road is flanked by malls, numerous upmarket restaurants, coffee chains, cafes, nightclubs and hotels. It is also the site of the official residence of the President of Singapore, the Istana.
Explore SIngapore.
3 Fly Geyser
It was formed by accident. In 1964 drilling for sources of geothermal energy caused minerals to rise up into the strange-but-true form you can still admire today. $4.00
4 Manly Beach
Sydney, Australia  
Manly is a lively suburb that is home to many of Sydney's great restaurant and pubs and is well known for its atmosphere and nightlife. However the long reach that is Manly Beach captures you with its freshness and beauty.
bikini island
5 Tre Cime di Lavaredo
In the Dolomites of northeastern Italy, three massive hunks of rock burst from the earth. These incredible mountains, lined up like bowling pins, are celebrated by hikers, bikers and nature lovers. $3.00
6 Pangong Tso Lake
This saltwater lake deep in the Himalayas at an altitude of 4,350 meters lies astride a disputed border area between India and China-governed Tibet.Pangong Tso is reached by a mountain road from the Indian town of Leh, but you'll need to get a permit via a registered tour guide. $2.50
7 Pantheon
Rome, Italy  
Rome is home to many amazing buildings, and the Pantheon is no exception. And, like the city itself, it was not built in a day. Destroyed twice and rebuilt each time, the building started as a rectangular structure, which, over time, evolved into the gorgeous dome building seen today. An inspiration to architects all over the world over the last 2,000 years, the Pantheon roof remains the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome.
Creative Blog
8 Ngorogoro Crater
Created when a huge volcano exploded 2-3 million years ago, the 300 square kilometer caldera now offers the best chances of seeing Africa's wild animals. Lions, rhino, leopards, elephant and buffalo are the “big five” present among around 25,000 animals, and nearly every species present in East Africa, which call the area home. $1.50
9 Paradise Beach
Mykonos, Greece  
Paradise is home to the best sand on the Aegean, and Mykonos is known to be a wild party hotspot. Together, that's enough to make the list. There's a monthly full-moon party, and Tropicana Beach Bar is consistently rated one of the top beach bars in the world. $1.00
10 Matterhorn
The Matterhorn is an amazingly chiseled peak in the Swiss Alps. National Geographic Traveler's “Digital Nomad” Andrew Evans describes finally seeing the Matterhorn: “For three days I saw nothing and then out of the blue sky there it was-the realest mountain I've ever seen, glorious and worthy of all the cheesy souvenirs and Disneyland knock-offs in the world.”
Wild Junket


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