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The most valuable opinions in Rapper in February

If you are a hip hop fan you probably know some good punchlines. Here is the list of the best ones in February 2017. Help us make it bigger in march, all you have to do is vote for the best rapper, and after that you'll see the present month standings and you'll have your chance to add your favorite punchlines to our game!

Rapper: The most valuable opinions: Writer:
1   Mos Def “Black on both sides” A politically aware album, but one that piles on the infectious beats and effervescent rhymes, Black on Both Sides was confirmation that Mos Def was one of the most talented stars pushing hip hop forward ahead of the new millennium. Olscholler $5.00
2   Snoop Dogg “Doggystyle” Coated in G-funk finery, Doggystyle opened up a portal into a horizontal West Coast world of weed, sunshine and unforgettable grooves. overparse $4.50
3   Notorious BIG “Ready to die” A vital release in New York’s move towards hardcore gangsta rap, Biggie’s storytelling skills are to the fore on tracks like Juicy, Gimme The Loot and Things Done Changed. The mind boggles as to what Biggie could have achieved if he wasn’t senselessly lost in 1997. Mc Paul $4.00
4   50 Cent “Get rich or die triyn'” Thankfully, amid the hype there was a classic album to back up all the verbals. In Da Club was the worldwide smash that’s still infectious today, but this was just one high (literally) among a cavalcade of hip hop anthems. $3.50
5   Eminem “The Slim Shady” Over Dr. Dre's brisk, cartoon-funk beat, Em tears off Pamela Anderson's breasts, goes after his junior-high English teacher's nuts with a stapler and rhymes “head straight” with “impregnate.” He was something truly new. $3.00
6   Nas blew me away at bonnaroo this year. better than kendrick, action bronson and wu tang. Hell his set was even better than the superjam with Dj Jazzy Jeff, Schoolboy, Method Man, Redman, and the RZA ander1gm $2.50
7   Kayne West “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is an anthem for those who have finally run their victory lap. But a close reading shows the artist to be conflicted, confronting regrets during an ostensible celebration. $2.00
8   2 Pac “I ain't a killer, but don't push me. Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy” okizo $1.50
9   2 Pac “Dear Mama” transcends race and socioeconomics, and is easily the best song about moms in a genre full of them. Capping it off, the song was inducted into the Library of Congress in 2010, one of only five hip-hop songs to receive this distinction. $1.00
10   Eminem He is a real inspiration and a real rapper better than all those gays at least go eminem Tyler7456 $0.50




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