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The most valuable opinions in Rapper in April

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1   50 Cent “Get rich or die triyn'” Thankfully, amid the hype there was a classic album to back up all the verbals. In Da Club was the worldwide smash that’s still infectious today, but this was just one high (literally) among a cavalcade of hip hop anthems. $5.00
2   Jay-Z “99 problems” Jay-Z concocts an indelible pop chorus and sketches out a scene based on an encounter with a racist patrolman from his pre-stardom days. $4.50
3   Eminem “The Marshall Matthers LP” A confrontational, provocative and sardonic wordsmith – and another protégé of Dr. Dre – he released three classic albums on the spin in the late-Nineties and early-Noughties. It was the middle release – The Marshal Mathers LP — that captured the witty, irreverent and rebellious spirit best. $4.00
4   Ice Cube “It Was a Good Day”Ice Cube gained fame as the snarling, politically incorrect conscience of South Central. But his most memorable solo song has him looking through rose-colored glasses: No barking from the dog, no smog, and a breakfast, cooked by Momma, with no hog. $3.50
5   Jay-Z “I sell ice in the winter, i sell fire in hell, i am a hustla baby i sell water to a well” ookiz $3.00
6   50 Cent “Here’s a jewel love you enemies and hate your friends. Your enemies remain the same friends always change” $2.50
7   Method Man in a small venue. Crowd surfing and rapping at the same time, and his energy was awesome. $2.00
8   Snoop Dogg “Yo’ waddup; this is Snoop D-O-Double-G sayin’ stop the violence, drop the guns, and increase the peace.” $1.50
9   Ghostface Killah The Rock the Bells tour a few years back had Ghost and Rae and it is hands down one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. darbycrash $1.00
10   Nas blew me away at bonnaroo this year. better than kendrick, action bronson and wu tang. Hell his set was even better than the superjam with Dj Jazzy Jeff, Schoolboy, Method Man, Redman, and the RZA ander1gm $0.50




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