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The most valuable opinions in City in June

Do you like your city? You can add it to our game, we are looking for the best city in the world. If you tell us why do you love your city, you can win some money. See the Rules to see how easy is to do it. Add as many Opinions as you want. List of money winning Opinoins in June below.


 The most valuable opinions:


1   Vienna the city has a thriving higher education sector, with three institutions in this year’s World University Rankings top 400, with the University of Vienna the pick of the crop (ranked 170th). $5.00
2   Pittsburgh Pittsburgh is home to top-tier institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh, helping to set the stage for a citywide focus on education. $4.50
3   New York because you can hear first-rate jazz performers—both seasoned veterans and hot contenders—playing live every day of the week, 365 days a year $4.00
4   New York because we invented hip-hop and still do it better than any other city There’s no hip-hop hall of fame—not yet, anyway—but if you’re searching for rap’s birthplace, look no further than the rec room of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, an unassuming Bronx apar $3.50
5   New York because unlike other metros, our subway runs 24/7 $3.00
6   London art! And culture! Theatre, museums, galleries, designers. Everything is in London. Most of the museums are FREE. How can you beat that? $2.50
7   Sydney the Beaches. There are loads nearby, and I love the idea that you can live in a big cosmopolitan city – but escape to the beaches at the weekends. $2.00
8   Boston the parents seem satisfied with what the schools have to offer: when the district surveyed parents, nearly 95 percent agreed that the school was a good place for their child to learn. $1.50
9   London London is one of the greenest capitals because of the number of parks, gardens, and open green spaces. $1.00
10   Tokyo Tokyo is so clean to the point where it almost looks brand new. Not one scrap of rubbish is strewn on the pathways or dropped as litter $0.50

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