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The most valuable opinions in Food in May

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Food: The most valuable opinions: Writer:
1 A Brazilian breakfast A delicious selection of meats, cheeses and bread is the normal breakfast fare here. Jazzy rosething crafted out of I don’t know what, optional. $5.00
2 Zesty Lemon Pie Three simple ingredients make the yummy filling in this lemon pie. You can either make your own graham cracker crust or buy a pre-made crust to make this recipe even easier.
3 Massaman curry Spicy, coconutty, sweet and savory, its combination of flavors with local produce such as dried chili peppers, cilantro (coriander) seeds, lemongrass, galangal, white pepper, shrimp paste, shallots and garlic to make the massaman curry paste. $4.00
4 Coconut water You can eat its flesh raw or flaked and cook with its oil, but the best way to ingest the star of so many tropical scenes is to stick a straw inside and drink. $3.50
5 Doner Kebab Doner kebab is a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, normally lamb but also a mixture of veal or beef with these, or sometimes chicken. The sliced meat of a Doner kebab may be served wrapped in a flatbread such as lavash or pita or as a sandwich instead of being served on a plate.
Cook Like A Bastard – Kebab
6 Orange juice Orange juice is juice from oranges. It is made by squeezing the fresh orange, by drying and later re-hydrating the juice, or by concentration of the juice and later adding water to the concentrate. $2.50
7 Chocolate Truffle Cake This cake uses chocolate four ways: ganache (chocolate cream frosting), chocolate cake layers, shavings, and cocoa.
8 Water Water is a transparent fluid with no taste and flavour. The best is water from a mineral spring that contains various minerals, such as salts and sulfur compounds. $1.50
9 Laksa The main ingredients for most versions of curry laksa include bean curd puffs, fish sticks, shrimp and cockles. Some vendors may sell chicken laksa. Laksa is commonly served with a spoonful of sambal chilli paste and garnished with Vietnamese coriander, or laksa leaf. $1.00
10 A yummy Moroccan breakfast Usually consists of different breads with some chutney, jam, cheese or butter. They have a really delicious crumpet-style bread which they make in huge slabs for you to tear a bit off, and a semolina pancake bread called Baghir – both are really tasty.


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