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The most valuable opinions in City in May

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City: The most valuable opinions: Writer:
1   Minneapolis Minnesota’s most-populous community boasts the 14th-lowest unemployment rate among cities analyzed, as well as the 18th-highest median starting income for jobs.
The street
Street worker $5.00
2   Dublin Dublin is becoming known as the new Silicon Valley with its so-called “Silicon Docks” district, where tech giants such as Google and Facebook have set down their international HQs.
Job coconut
coco $4.50
3   Dublin The beer flows in torrents at the Brazen Head, reputedly Ireland’s oldest pub (established 1198) and a fixture in James Joyce’s opus Ulysses.
National geographic
patrick $4.00
4   Warsaw Because our old town was rebuilt after world war II, but going there you’ll feel like in 13th century again. pole $3.50
5   Berlin There’s a very good spread of establishments, from old-school corner pubs (kneipes) and smart wine bars to grungy indie establishments, live gig venues and parties so underground even the organisers don’t know where they’re going to start
telegraph fan $3.00
6   Sydney if I’m ever stuck for things to do in Sydney I love taking a walk in the Botanic Gardens. They’re so well looked after and perfect for chilling out in on a Sunday afternoon to read a book and watch the world go by. $2.50
7   London The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, the Tower Bridge, St. James’s Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral…these places may be crowded with tourists but for good reason. $2.00
8   Bangkok Harajuku girls certainly do have “a wicked style”, and whilst you will find all manner of individual fashion styles throughout the city, nothing says unique quite like this enclave of the city $1.50
9   Sydney the Beaches. There are loads nearby, and I love the idea that you can live in a big cosmopolitan city – but escape to the beaches at the weekends. $1.00
10   Bangkok it’s smell. The smell of food, and it’s smile. The smile of people $0.50



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