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The most valuable opinions in City in March

We want to have your opinion about your city here. If you share with us some interesting fact about the place you are living in, and our other users will vote often for it, you’ll help your city become The City Of The Month, but what’s more important you’ll help yourself win some money. See in the table how much they win last month:

City: The most valuable opinions: Writer:
1   Krakow The service and technology industry is strong and growing, with many off-shore divisions of banks, financial and technology companies like Google, IBM, State Street, HSBC and Shell.
Job coconut
coco $5.00
2   Sydney there is so much to do here and it’s a fun place to be!Sydney is in no way a dull city – it’s the kind of place that always has some event going on and something to take part in. $4.50
3   Sydney if I’m ever stuck for things to do in Sydney I love taking a walk in the Botanic Gardens. They’re so well looked after and perfect for chilling out in on a Sunday afternoon to read a book and watch the world go by. $3.00
4   Dubai Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and is rapidly increasing in importance as it attempts to become the financial capital of the Middle East.
Papa John $3.50
5   Warsaw Because our old town was rebuilt after world war II, but going there you’ll feel like in 13th century again. pole $3.00
6   Chicago Wrigleyville, Wicker Park, and Boystown all know how to throw lively parties.
travel leisure
windy john $2.50
7   Bangkok Harajuku girls certainly do have “a wicked style”, and whilst you will find all manner of individual fashion styles throughout the city, nothing says unique quite like this enclave of the city $2.00
8   Boston the parents seem satisfied with what the schools have to offer: when the district surveyed parents, nearly 95 percent agreed that the school was a good place for their child to learn. $1.50
9   New York Because the city’s water supply gives New York some of the best-tasting tap water around Those claims about NYC’s H20 making our pizza and bagels better? Probably not true. $1.00
10   Tokyo the Pedestrian Walkways are HUGE Tokyo doesn’t just have standard pedestrian walkways; it has enormous pedestrian walkways. $0.50




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