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The most valuable opinions in City in February

An opinion about your city can be anything what makes is special. You can write as many opinions as you want in here, and help your city become The Number One City and you can help yourself by winning some money here, All you have to do is to write good opinions, and if other people will vote a lot for it your name will be here next month.

City: The most valuable opinions: Writer:
1   Vienna the city has a thriving higher education sector, with three institutions in this year’s World University Rankings top 400, with the University of Vienna the pick of the crop (ranked 170th). $5.00
2   Istanbul From hip rooftop bars and raucous indie clubs to basement jazz cafes and grungy rock bars, and from traditional Turkish folk venues to über-cool dance clubs, Beyo?lu is Istanbul’s good-time heart and soul.
ozan $4.50
3   London The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, the Tower Bridge, St. James’s Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral…these places may be crowded with tourists but for good reason. $4.00
4   Copenhagen The city also has successful business clusters in several innovative sectors including IT, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and clean technology.
Job coconut
coco $3.50
5   Barcelona because the best football club ever – FC Barcelona is here and every week we have the biggest event in the world! ramblas $3.00
6   Sydney if I’m ever stuck for things to do in Sydney I love taking a walk in the Botanic Gardens. They’re so well looked after and perfect for chilling out in on a Sunday afternoon to read a book and watch the world go by. $2.50
7   Bangkok Harajuku girls certainly do have “a wicked style”, and whilst you will find all manner of individual fashion styles throughout the city, nothing says unique quite like this enclave of the city $2.00
8   London London is one of the greenest capitals because of the number of parks, gardens, and open green spaces. $1.50
9   Sydney it feels safe As a female, it’s nice to be able to walk around a city during daytime and night-time and feel safe and relaxed. In Sydney I’ve never felt unsafe $1.00
10   London of it’s vibe. $0.50




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