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The best midfielders in February

Our goal is to create the biggest list of football players here, and each month let our users decide who is the number one. But we are not able to do it without you. Help us. You can add as many players as you want, and you can
write as many opinions
as you want. Each month each opinion can make you money.

1 Marco Reus  
2 Mesut Özil  
3 Javier Mascherano  
4 Antoine Griezmann  
5 Henrikh Mkhitaryan  
6 Pedro Rodriguez  
7 Michael Carrick  
8 Mario Götze  
9 Neymar  
10 Andrea Pirlo  
11 Xabi Alonso  
12 Marouane Fellaini  
13 Toni Kroos  
14 Jesus Navas  
15 Gareth Bale  
16 David Silva  
17 Alex Song  
18 André Schürrle  
19 James Rodriguez  
20 Juan Cuadrado  
21 Ross Barkley  
22 Steven Gerrard  
23 Arjen Robben  
24 Bastian Schweinsteiger  


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