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The best drinks in June

The king of the drinks can be only one. Beer. Or maybe you think differently? Well it is time to change it. Vote for the best drink and food in July and if your favourites does not appear – add them. In this game anyone can add as many Candidates and Opinions as he wants, we want to have the biggest database of drinks and food on the world.

1 Beer
2 Champagne
3 Orange juice
4 Water
5 Coke
6 Apple Juice
7 Yerba Mate
8 Pina colada
9 Mojito
10 Red Wine
11 Watermelon shake
12 Sparkling water
13 Sujeonggwa
14 Coconut water


 2014 Z&co.

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How much money you can make here?

See below how much you can win for writing Opinions in each Category.

If you also think the prizes are very small, help us find sponsonrs, or became one.

To fund a prize, and have your link on the front page you have t fund a prize higher than others, there are only 10 posiiotns on the front page.

The list of prizes with sponsors for this month below:

Full list of prizes in Food

Food + Add your link link here
1.$5.00The number one
2.$4.50The number one
3.$4.00The number one
4.$3.50The number one
5.$3.00The number one
6.$2.50The number one
7.$2.00The number one
8.$1.50The number one
9.$1.00The number one
10.$0.50The number one
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