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Summary of 2016 in Food.

We have winners in each category in food, for the whole 2016, have a look at winners in Breakfast, Main dish, Dessert and Drink sub-categories. If you feel that something is missing you can easily add it here. If you are a writer and have a blog, or any site you would like to promote, this may be the best place for you – you can also compete with other blogs writing people in your category. Vote for the best food in January 2017!

The best breakfast in 2016:
The best main dish in 2016:
Massaman curry
The best dessert 2016:
Strawberry Tart
The best drink in 2016:

There are the winners for 2016. Below you can see all foods and drinks that are available in our game. If you feel like there is something missing, you can easily add it.

The list of all breakfasts:
1 Pancakes
2 The French breakfast
3 Polish Breakfast
4 An Italian breakfast
5 Swedish breakfast
6 Scrambled eggs
7 English Breakfast
8 Breakfast in Mexico
9 Cereal with milk
10 Malaysian breakfast
11 Welsh Rarebit
12 A yummy Moroccan breakfast
13 Gallo Pinto
14 A healthy Hawaiian breakfast
15 The famous American breakfast
16 Toast with Jam
The list of all main dishes in 2016:
1 Massaman curry
2 Cheeseburger
3 Beef steak
4 Rendang
5 Ramen
6 Burrito
7 Laksa
8 Thai Fried Rice, Khao Pad Gai
9 Pho
10 Hot Dog
11 Tacos
12 Sushi
13 Peking duck
14 Pad Thai
15 Seafood paella
16 Masala dosa
17 Nam tok moo
18 Pork schnitzel
19 Lasagna
20 Pizza peperoni
21 Fish ‘n’ chips
22 Chicken parmigiana
The list of all desserts in 2016:
1 Strawberry Tart
2 Tiramisu
3 Donuts
4 Strawberry-Buttermilk Sherbet
5 Mocha Java Cake
6 Apple Pie
7 Fresh Apple Cake
8 Zesty Lemon Pie
9 Vanilla ice cream
10 Banana pudding
11 Mississippi Mud Cake
12 Cheesecake
13 Chocolate Truffle Cake
14 Tres Leches Cake
The list of all drinks in 2016:
1 Champagne
2 Beer
3 Coconut water
4 Apple Juice
5 Water
6 Red Wine
7 Pina colada
8 Watermelon shake
9 Sparkling water
10 Orange juice
11 Coke
12 Yerba Mate
13 Sujeonggwa


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