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Summary of 2016 in City.

Melbourne is officially the number one city in 2016. Congratulations. See the full table of cities taking part in our competition, and if your city isn’t there yet you should add it! Write a few words about it and you could win some money! Every month we pay prizes to the best written opinions.

The best cities in 2016:
1   Melbourne
2   Toronto
3   Frankfurt
4   London
5   Dublin
6   Warsaw
7   Hong Kong
8   Barcelona
9   Sydney
10   Bangkok
11   Tokyo
12   Miami
13   Los Angeles
14   Istanbul
15   Chicago
16   Berlin
17   Minneapolis
18   Washington
19   Copenhagen
20   Zurich
21   New York

See below how did it look like in all Categories separately:


Cities with the best Education and Career
1   Toronto
2   Frankfurt
3   Melbourne
4   Hong Kong
5   Copenhagen
6   Washington
7   Minneapolis
8   Istanbul
9   Zurich

Cities with the best Entertainment and Events:
1   London
2   Dublin
3   Istanbul
4   Barcelona
5   Chicago
6   Berlin
7   Los Angeles
8   Miami
9   New York

Cites with the best Infrastructure and Buildings:
1   Tokyo
2   London
3   New York

Cities with the best Contact with nature:
1   Sydney
2   London

Cities with the best Contact with nature:
1   London
2   Bangkok
3   New York
4   Sydney

Cities with the best… Other:
1   Warsaw
2   Bangkok
3   London
4   Tokyo



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Full list of prizes in City

City+ Add your link link here
1.$5.00The number one
2.$4.50The number one
3.$4.00The number one
4.$3.50The number one
5.$3.00The number one
6.$2.50The number one
7.$2.00The number one
8.$1.50The number one
9.$1.00The number one
10.$0.50The number one