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Rappers with the best albums in August 2015

Five the best hip hop album, I know this list is very poor, but we want you to help us make it better in next month. You can, as everyone else, add your favorite CD and even your favorite rapper if he is not on the list yet. With every added Reason you have chance to win money, if your Reason is good enough and other people will vote for it.


CD, with reason:

1   Kayne West “The college dropout” Having breathed new fire into Jay-Z with his production work on The Blueprint, West’s true calling was rapping himself. If there were doubts he could match his Roc-a-Fella employer there were quickly dispelled with the release of The College Dropout. A vivacious album dripping in hooks and cheeky raps, it set in motion the merry-go-round that West still expertly deals in to this day.
2   Ice Cube “Death Certificate” An unapologetic treatise at the state of things at the start of the fin de siècle, it was both coruscating and visionary, and not without controversy. The furore surrounding its release might have lessened in the intervening years. Its power most certainly hasn’t.
3   Dr Dre “The Cronic” Not only was The Chronic acclaimed immediately, it ushered in a new sound within hip hop – G-funk. Instantly recognisable due to the use of synthesisers and an all-encompassing bass, it made a solo star of Dre.
4   Nas “Illmatic” With production duties served by DJ Premier and Large Professor, Nas’s rhymes reflected upon ghetto life in the Big Apple. Raw, powerful and unforgettable, Illmatic opened the doors for a new generation of MCs to burst through.
5   50 Cent “Get rich or die triyn'” Thankfully, amid the hype there was a classic album to back up all the verbals. In Da Club was the worldwide smash that’s still infectious today, but this was just one high (literally) among a cavalcade of hip hop anthems.

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