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Cities with the best contact with nature in June

Where are you from? Do you have any contact with nature in your city? The list of four cities with the best contact with nature below. If you disagree and you have your opinion in this topic you can add your city – a Candidate – and write what are you thinking – an Opinion– by doing this you will help your city become The City Of The Month.

1   New York
2   London
3   Sydney
4   Barcelona

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Full list of prizes in City

City+ Add your link link here
1.$5.00The number one
2.$4.50The number one
3.$4.00The number one
4.$3.50The number one
5.$3.00The number one
6.$2.50The number one
7.$2.00The number one
8.$1.50The number one
9.$1.00The number one
10.$0.50The number one