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Monthly archives for September, 2017

The best natural wonder in August 2015

We all now we can win money here by creative writing. But how much can you win? We know not much now, but we are working hard to find some sponsors, and perhaps you know somebody who wants to advertise on our website? Contact us or simply find your table on the front page where you want […]

The best streets in August 2015

Are you traveling a lot? Have you seen many fun streets in your life? Share your experience with us, with every added road as a Candidate and your story about it as a Reason you can add one related like to your blog, website or even facebook page. If other people will vote for your proposals you can win […]

The best live performing Rappers in August 2015

Who and why is the best live performing rapper? We have our list ready for August 2015, if you disagree you can make it look better for September and it’s very easy to do so. Go to “vote for the best rapper” – give us votes in four categories, and than you’ll see the list […]

The best Hip Hop Singles in August 2015

If you are a hip hop fan you probably have a long list of your favorite songs. You can add some of them, or even all of them if you like here and help us to build the biggest list of the best rap songs in the history. Why? Well… with every added single, actually […]

The best Coaches in August 2015

If you have a blog, website, youtube channel or anything related to football you could easily promote it with us. You can do it by adding links with every written Reason we allow you to add one related to it link, or you could do it by funding a prize, and have a link on our front […]

The best Forwards in August 2015

This is list of the best forwards in August 2015. If you want to see the current month tables, you have to vote first. Please don’t complain to us that this list looks not as you want to because we don’t make any of those list – you do! You are free to vote as […]

The best Midfielders in August 2015

This is the list of all Midfilelders in our game, if you think somebody is missing you can add him. To do it just go to vote for the best football player, give us your votes in ale Categories, you’ll see the current month standings and you’ll have your chance to add your Candidate, along with the […]

The best drinks in August 2015

We have only 12 drinks on our list! What’s missing? Have a look and add your favorite drink. We want this list as long as possible, we want to have drinks from all over the world, and than we want to find The Best One. With every added drink and written Reason your chance to win money […]

The best desserts in August 2015

Here we have the list of the 13 best desserts in the world in August 2015. Do you agree with this list? If not you can make it look better in September, there are still 9 day left to vote, and what’s more important add your own Candidates. Anyone can do it and it’s still free, add […]

The best mountains in August 2015

In this category we have also only six mountains. If you know any place on this planet that isn’t flat, you can add it here. We want to have biggest database of places that are worth to visit and you can be part of it. Vote for the best tourist destinations, add your Candidates, write your Reasons, promote yourself […]

The best buildings in August 2015

If you have a blog or youtube channel or even a facebook page related to traveling, you can easily promote it with us! With every Reason (it can be anything, a description, a story, interesting facts) you are allowed to add link as long as it is related to your Reason. It will be displayed any time together […]

The best beaches in August 2015

Here we have a list of six the best beaches in the world in August 2015. If your favorite beach does not exists in our database, you can, or maybe you should add it! It’s very easy, it takes less than five minutes, and if you write a Reason other people will like, and they will […]

Rappers with the best albums in August 2015

Five the best hip hop album, I know this list is very poor, but we want you to help us make it better in next month. You can, as everyone else, add your favorite CD and even your favorite rapper if he is not on the list yet. With every added Reason you have chance to win […]

Rappers with the best punchlines in August 2015

What is your favorite hip hop punchline? Add it to our game, it will be put under voting between other punchlines and at the end of the month you could see it in similar table to that below. We have only five punchlines here for now, but we want to have them all. Vote for […]

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