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Monthly archives for January, 2017

The best natural wonders in 2016

The best natural wonders in 2016

If you have your opinion about some interesting places on the world you could share it with us. You can win money here, and we know there is not much to win so far, but we are working hard to bring more sponsors here, and you can help us too by spreading the world about […]

Summary of 2016 in Tourist destination

Summary of 2016 in <i class='icon-map-marker'></i> Tourist destination

mm The best beach in 2016: Pattaya Beach Pattaya, Thailand   The best building of 2016: Pantheon Rome, Italy   The best mountain in 2016: Ama Dablam Nepal   The best natural wonder in 2016: Geirangerfjord Norway   The best street in 2016: La Rambla Barcelona, Spain   The best other: Fly Geyser USA   The list of the best beaches […]

Summary of 2016 in Rapper

Summary of 2016 in <i class='icon-microphone'></i> Rapper

How was it like in hip-hop in 2016? You can check the list of the best rappers below, and according to our users Ghostface Killah is the rapper of 2016. Do you agree with it? If not you can vote for your favorite rapper now. Your favorite rapper isn’t here? You can add him, just […]

Summary of 2016 in City.

Melbourne is officially the number one city in 2016. Congratulations. See the full table of cities taking part in our competition, and if your city isn’t there yet you should add it! Write a few words about it and you could win some money! Every month we pay prizes to the best written opinions. The […]

Summary of 2016 in Football

Let’s have a look at the best football players in 2016 – according to our users. We know there are many surveys on that topic, however, our is different. Not only you can add your favorite players, but you can also give us your opinions about them. The writers of the most valuable opinions will […]

Summary of 2016 in Food.

Summary of 2016 in <i class='icon-food'></i> Food.

We have winners in each category in food, for the whole 2016, have a look at winners in Breakfast, Main dish, Dessert and Drink sub-categories. If you feel that something is missing you can easily add it here. If you are a writer and have a blog, or any site you would like to promote, […]

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 to everyone who promote his blog with us last year. We hope you enjoyed our game and that we brought you many new visitors. Our new resolution will be to bring more visitors to your websites in The New Year, and improve our site too. In the coming weeks we will […]

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