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The 1 main dishes in October 16.

The list of the best foods from “main dish” category for October 2016 is here. have a look and if you think you will change something, you can always do it! Just go to Food give us your votes, add some food, and write your opinion about it and even win some money!

The best foods:
1 Pad Thai
2 Lasagna
3 Laksa
4 Kebab
5 Rendang
6 Hot Dog
7 Seafood paella
8 Chicken parmigiana
9 Ramen
10 Burrito
11 Nam tok moo
12 Tacos
13 Pork schnitzel
14 Beef steak
15 Peking duck
16 Butter garlic crab
17 Shepherd’s pie
18 Pho
19 Doner Kebab
20 Massaman curry
21 Pizza peperoni
22 Masala dosa


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Full list of prizes in Food

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1.$5.00The number one
2.$4.50The number one
3.$4.00The number one
4.$3.50The number one
5.$3.00The number one
6.$2.50The number one
7.$2.00The number one
8.$1.50The number one
9.$1.00The number one
10.$0.50The number one
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