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Winning Reasons in May 2015 in Rapper

Do you have your favourite Rapper? Why don’t you help him become The Best Rapper of The Month by voting for him in our game! If you spend some extra time and write why do you think the Candidate is the best, your Reason can make you some money. Visit our site to check how easy and fun is it. List of winners from May 2015 below:


Winning money reason:


1   Method Man in a small venue. Crowd surfing and rapping at the same time, and his energy was awesome. $10
2   Mos Def “Black on both sides” A politically aware album, but one that piles on the infectious beats and effervescent rhymes, Black on Both Sides was confirmation that Mos Def was one of the most talented stars pushing hip hop forward ahead of the new millennium. Olscholler $9
3   Jay-Z “Resonable doubt” This hustle was the backbone of his awesome debut set. Featuring the likes of Can’t Knock The Hustle, Brooklyn’s Finest and Dead Presidents II, it was a stunning combination of frontline reportage and frankly ice cool rhymes. A star had been born. lokoz $8
4   2 Pac “All eyez on me” The thug life with which he had previously flirted with is wholeheartedly embraced and the result is an epic record of G-funk and gangsta rap that managed to take on the mainstream. And win. Snoop Dre $7
5   Eminem “I set the world on fire, piss on it, put it out. Stick my dick in a circle but I’m not fuckin’ around.” $6
6   LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out” “Don’t call it a comeback!” begins rap’s hottest-ever comeback. After crossover pop success, James Todd Smith returned to street-fighting hip-hop pledging to “bash this beat like a skull,” $5
7   Ice Cube “Death Certificate” An unapologetic treatise at the state of things at the start of the fin de siècle, it was both coruscating and visionary, and not without controversy. The furore surrounding its release might have lessened in the intervening years. Its power most certainly hasn’t. MC lany $4
8   2 Pac “Dear Mama” transcends race and socioeconomics, and is easily the best song about moms in a genre full of them. Capping it off, the song was inducted into the Library of Congress in 2010, one of only five hip-hop songs to receive this distinction. $3
9   Jay-Z seen him 3 times, 4th coming in Dec. Dude is 40 something and absolutely goes in. Controls the crowd, interacts with crowd and a catalog of hits. Highly recommend seeing him Kemosabi420 $2
10   Snoop Dogg “I had to shake the spot cause the game got crowded I’m devoted and quote it, I’m rowdy and bout it” $1

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