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Winning Reasons in March 2015 in Rapper.

How much could you win here last month? It’s up to you too, read the rules. See the table below:

All categories together + Add link here
1.$10Who is the best?
2.$9Who is the best?
3.$8Who is the best?
4.$7Who is the best?
5.$6Who is the best?
6.$5Who is the best?
7.$4Who is the best?
8.$3Who is the best?
9.$2Who is the best?
10.$1Who is the best?

And money winning Reasons table with the nicknames of winners. I know you didn’t get rich guys, but we are working to improve next month:



Winning money reason:


1   Jay-Z “99 problems” Jay-Z concocts an indelible pop chorus and sketches out a scene based on an encounter with a racist patrolman from his pre-stardom days. $10
2   50 Cent “Get rich or die triyn'” Thankfully, amid the hype there was a classic album to back up all the verbals. In Da Club was the worldwide smash that’s still infectious today, but this was just one high (literally) among a cavalcade of hip hop anthems. $9
3   Eminem “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office cause she’s still a mail lady” $8
4   2 Pac “I smoke a blunt to take the pain out And if I wasn’t high I’d prolly try to blow my brains out” $7
5   Nas blew me away at bonnaroo this year. better than kendrick, action bronson and wu tang. Hell his set was even better than the superjam with Dj Jazzy Jeff, Schoolboy, Method Man, Redman, and the RZA ander1gm $6
6   Snoop Dogg “Yo’ waddup; this is Snoop D-O-Double-G sayin’ stop the violence, drop the guns, and increase the peace.” $5
7   Dr Dre ”I got a problem solver, and its name is revolver” okizo $4
8   2 Pac “All eyez on me” The thug life with which he had previously flirted with is wholeheartedly embraced and the result is an epic record of G-funk and gangsta rap that managed to take on the mainstream. And win. Snoop Dre $3
9   Jay-Z “Resonable doubt” This hustle was the backbone of his awesome debut set. Featuring the likes of Can’t Knock The Hustle, Brooklyn’s Finest and Dead Presidents II, it was a stunning combination of frontline reportage and frankly ice cool rhymes. A star had been born. lokoz $2
10   Jay-Z “I sell ice in the winter, i sell fire in hell, i am a hustla baby i sell water to a well” ookiz $1


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2.$4.50The number one
3.$4.00The number one
4.$3.50The number one
5.$3.00The number one
6.$2.50The number one
7.$2.00The number one
8.$1.50The number one
9.$1.00The number one
10.$0.50The number one