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Winning Reasons in March 2015 in City

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And here we have the best Reasons in  City without grouping them into categories. Notice that Candidate New York win in March 2015, but the best Reason is from Seoul. That is because New York has two points making Reasons, and Seoul one but very strong. Hope you are still with me:




Winning money reason:


1   Seoul Seoul has a high-tech reputation, contributed to by the research undertaken by its institutions of higher education – including Seoul National University $10
2   London London is one of the greenest capitals because of the number of parks, gardens, and open green spaces. $9
3   New York because you can hear first-rate jazz performers—both seasoned veterans and hot contenders—playing live every day of the week, 365 days a year $8
4   Tokyo Tokyo is so clean to the point where it almost looks brand new. Not one scrap of rubbish is strewn on the pathways or dropped as litter $7
5   Vienna the city has a thriving higher education sector, with three institutions in this year’s World University Rankings top 400, with the University of Vienna the pick of the crop (ranked 170th). $6
6   Tokyo the Pedestrian Walkways are HUGE Tokyo doesn’t just have standard pedestrian walkways; it has enormous pedestrian walkways. $5
7   Bangkok Harajuku girls certainly do have “a wicked style”, and whilst you will find all manner of individual fashion styles throughout the city, nothing says unique quite like this enclave of the city $4
8   Istanbul This transcontinental city has three universities positioned in this year’s World University Rankings top 400, with the Bo?aziçi University making it into the top 200 – but only just (it’s in 199th position). $3
9   Boston the parents seem satisfied with what the schools have to offer: when the district surveyed parents, nearly 95 percent agreed that the school was a good place for their child to learn. $2
10   New York because we invented hip-hop and still do it better than any other city There’s no hip-hop hall of fame—not yet, anyway—but if you’re searching for rap’s birthplace, look no further than the rec room of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, an unassuming Bronx apar $1

The sum in this category in March 2015 is: $55

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