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Winning Reasons in Football Player in September 15

Every writer on this website has his chance to win money, and it is very easy. Think about who was the best football player, and think why. Answer for that question will be your Reason. Find your Candidate on our list, if it is not there you can add him too, and write the Reason, now if your writing is good and other users will vote often for it you will have a chance to be on similar list next month, hopefully with higher prizes.



Winning money reason:


1 Alex Ferguson   “He certainly helped me a lot and helped us all. At the time I was coming into the squad as a young lad and there were a few other young lads. He brought all that together and made us world [club] champions. I’m very grateful for everything he’s done.” Wayne Rooney $5.00
2 Manuel Neuer   “Many Bayern supporters felt that the club had overspent on a player whose contract was due to expire in 2012, when he would have been available for free. Neuer, though, has silenced his critics and was the best goalkeeper at the 2014 World Cup as Germany won the tournament for the first time since 1990.” – Stewart Coggin $4.50
3 Luis Suarez   “Suarez was one of the most skilful, ingenious players to pull on a red shirt. Throughout the controversy – which, granted, will not be missed – Suarez became one of the best Liverpool players in a generation.” – Rod J $4.00
4 Joe Hart   “Manchester City had Joe Hart to thank after a stunning performance in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund ensured the Premier League champions were able to salvage a point at the Etihad Stadium. His performance has led international team-mate Wayne Rooney to state that Hart is the best in the world” – just-keepers
5 Sergio Ramos   “We’ve known for a long time that Ramos is the best defender in the world, I’ve never doubted that, I already put him amongst the candidates for the Ballon d’Or. A player of his quality and performanace has to be considered.” Manule Sanchis $3.00
6 Philipp Lahm   “Seeing the full-back have a bad game is one of those rare occurrences that is comparable to that of a comet passing across the skyline, such is the calm and professional approach Lahm brings to the game. In an all conquering team full of stars at the Allianz Arena, the Germany international is arguably the most important to the team’s success.” – Tom Seymour $2.50
7 Gianluigi Buffon    “Gianluigi Buffon is certainly one of the best goalkeepers in the world: he’s not flashy, he is not arrogant, and he doesn’t make many mistakes. He displays of bravery during important matches have proven that he is worthy of being Italy’s and Juventus’s number one, goalkeeper” Pouya Marvasti $2.00
8 Neymar   “Until taking the knee to the back from Juan Zúñiga, Neymar showed he could carry Brazil offensively in the World Cup. Perhaps the fractured vertebrae is a fluke, contact injury. You just have to wonder with his slight build, how long Neymar will be able to continue doing what he does best.” – Mike Cardillo $1.50
9 Arjen Robben   “The winger further enhanced his glowing reputation with some impressive showings for Holland at the 2014 World Cup. Robben’s deadly combination of pace and trickery is a nightmare for defenders, while he scores more goals than the average winger. Robben has been at the top of the game for 10 years now, having had stints with Chelsea, Real Madrid and current club Bayern Munich.” – Stewart Coggin $1.00
10 Joachim Löw   “It may seem preposterous to some that a coach so scrutinized until recently may be ranked among the all-time greats, but a qualitative and quantitative analysis can be made to put Low alongside the greatest German coaches of all-time.” Clark Whitney $0.50

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