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Winning “Reasons” in City. October 15

Do you have any Reasons why you live where you live? If you tell us why you like living in your city, and add that to our database, it can make you some money next month. If you think you have good writing skills you should try, and if other users will often vote for your Reason, you could find it next month in similar table to that below.



Winning money reason:


1   Denver Colorado’s most-populous city offers mile-high opportunities for young grads — and we’re not even talking about the legalized pot.
The street
The street worker $5.00
2   San Francisco The city of San Francisco have an unemployment rate of 6.2 percent. okizo $4.50
3   Madrid Madrid, one of the liveliest nightlife cities in Europe, offers something for everyone. And don’t worry about being too old or not trendy enough
Juan Alfonzo $4.00
4   London London is one of the greenest capitals because of the number of parks, gardens, and open green spaces. $3.50
5   Minneapolis Minnesota’s most-populous community boasts the 14th-lowest unemployment rate among cities analyzed, as well as the 18th-highest median starting income for jobs.
The street
Street worker $3.00
6   Krakow The service and technology industry is strong and growing, with many off-shore divisions of banks, financial and technology companies like Google, IBM, State Street, HSBC and Shell.
Job coconut
coco $2.50
7   New York because you can hear first-rate jazz performers—both seasoned veterans and hot contenders—playing live every day of the week, 365 days a year $2.00
8   New York Because the city’s water supply gives New York some of the best-tasting tap water around Those claims about NYC’s H20 making our pizza and bagels better? Probably not true. $1.50
9   New York because unlike other metros, our subway runs 24/7 $1.00
10   London it’s the center of the universe I read the BBC news website (and app) almost religiously at this point. $0.50




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