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Winning reasons in April 2015 in Rapper



Winning money reason:


1   Method Man in a small venue. Crowd surfing and rapping at the same time, and his energy was awesome. $10
2   Jay-Z “I sell ice in the winter, i sell fire in hell, i am a hustla baby i sell water to a well” ookiz $9
3   Eminem “The Marshall Matthers LP” A confrontational, provocative and sardonic wordsmith – and another protégé of Dr. Dre – he released three classic albums on the spin in the late-Nineties and early-Noughties. It was the middle release – The Marshal Mathers LP — that captured the witty, irreverent and rebellious spirit best. $8
4   Dr Dre “Nuthin’t But a G Thang” is two South L.A. hip-hop prodigies hotwiring a dusty relic from the Wattstax era and taking us on the smoothest joyride hip-hop has ever seen.Somehow all these years later it has not lost a single MPH of its groove, swagger, or intensity. $7
5   50 Cent “Get rich or die triyn'” Thankfully, amid the hype there was a classic album to back up all the verbals. In Da Club was the worldwide smash that’s still infectious today, but this was just one high (literally) among a cavalcade of hip hop anthems. $6
6   50 Cent “All bullshit aside now its time to be honest. I fear no man for death is all thats promised” $5.30
7   2 Pac “All eyez on me” The thug life with which he had previously flirted with is wholeheartedly embraced and the result is an epic record of G-funk and gangsta rap that managed to take on the mainstream. And win. Snoop Dre $5
8   Eminem “Stan” Eminem’s multi-layered fictional narrative deftly captures the voice of a kid on the verge of becoming a homicidal maniac. In doing so, Eminem examines himself and his art, in the process extending the boundaries of rap as an art form, and coining a term (“stan”) for a crazed fan. Max Bell $4
9   Notorious BIG “Ready to die” A vital release in New York’s move towards hardcore gangsta rap, Biggie’s storytelling skills are to the fore on tracks like Juicy, Gimme The Loot and Things Done Changed. The mind boggles as to what Biggie could have achieved if he wasn’t senselessly lost in 1997. Mc Paul $3
10   Dr Dre ”I got a problem solver, and its name is revolver” okizo $2
11   Eminem “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office cause she’s still a mail lady” $1

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