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Monthly archives for October, 2015

The best Natural Landscapes in September 2015

Last days to vote for the best things in October. Pick your interests and vote for the best Food, Football player, City, Tourist destination and Rapper. You can add a Candidate and Reasons at any time in any category. If your Reasons are good and other people will often vote for it you can win money! 1 Iguazu Falls Argentina   […]

The best Mountains in September 2015

Do you know any interesting mountains that are missing in our “The Best Mountain in September 15” table? If yes, you can add it to similar table in October, and every month after that. If you keen to write a few words about it, and your writing is good, and other users will vote for your Candidates a […]

The best streets in September 2015

This is a table of the most funny streets in the world! Do you think some place is missing? You can add it now. We want to create the biggest database of interesting places and vote for the best. Every month we will publish how did you guys vote. Every month writers of the most […]

The best singels in September 15

If you like hip hop, and know a lot about it, you could help us improve our table. Add the best, in your opinion, rapper with his song. You could win some money if it is really good and other users will vote for it, you could win some money! See how it is working […]

Cities with the best Other in September 15

It can be the grate place for you to promote yourself and even make some money. So far we have a very few Candidates and Reasons, but with our policy that anyone can add as many Candidates and Reasons we hope to become the biggest database on the internet, and you have to be with us! Vote for the best city! […]

Cities with the best Culture in September 15

If you are a small business owner or you are writing a blog, you can cheaply promote yourself with us. We allow to add a link to every Reason you write, and it will be attached to it every time your Reason will appear on our site, on the voting page, on the reasons and category overviews […]

Cities with the best Nature in September 15

Cities with the best contact with nature, and we have only two cities on our list. If there is any park in your city or lake, or any natural landscape here you can add it here. Why? You can win money at the end of each month if your writing is good and other people […]

The best Forwards in September 2015

Who is the best striker of October? Vote for him to the end of this month and than come back to see how did he do. If your favorite Candidate is not present, you can easily add him! Not only you could see him here next month, but also you can win some money. To see how […]

The best Coaches in September 2015

Who and why deserves to be the coach of the month? Vote for the best football player (and coach) to give us your opinion. If your Candidate is not here yet, you can easily add him. He will be added to our “League’” and every month will be compared against other coaches, or players. And if your […]

The best Drinks in September 2015

Every Reason describing your Candidate for the best food can make you money. How much it depends of how much our sponsors will fund. As we are not very popular right now, nobody wants to fund any prizes here, but it may change soon as we are working hard to bring them here. 1 Mojito 2 Water 3 Beer […]

The best Desserts in September 2015

If you know any delicious dessert that is not on the list below, you can add it. It will be put into our League and will be visible in next post like that in October. Anyone can add as many desserts as he wants here, we want to create the biggest database of food here, […]

The best Beaches in September 2015

If you want to promote your blog on our site, you can do it in two ways. By writing your story about your favorite destination, where we allow you to add a link, as long as is related to your story, or by funding a prize , and have your link appear to the end […]

The best Buildings in September 2015

Our world is beautiful, let’s find the most interesting places in it. Vote for the best tourist destinations. On our site every user can add his or hers favorite place. On our site there are no limits, anyone can vote and add as many places as he or she wants. We want to create the […]

The best live performing rapper in September 15

Our site was built to find the best rapper (and other things) in the world each month. If you are a hip hop fan you should vote for the best rapper right now, you can add your candidates for the best rappers and you can write your Reasons why is he the best. If you […]

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