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Monthly archives for June, 2015

The best streets.

This is a grate place to promote your traveller’s blog, youtube channel or site. You can add links for free along with your Candidate for the best Tourist destination, and Reason why is this place special. Link will be displayed with your Reason any time on voting page, results tables, and basically at any time your Reason will be mentioned on our […]

The best other tourist destination.

Vote for the best Tourist Destination! We have them in six categories so far: Beach, Building, Street, Mountain, Nature and Other. And with this last one we have the biggest problem, because our users so far added two weird things that are worth to see but don’t fit in any category. Do you have any […]

The best natural place.

Or if you like short-cuts you could just fund a prize and add your link with it. Your link will be displayed to the end of the month on our front page, but be careful because we display only ten highest prizes there so you have to make sure your prize is higher than others. […]

Rappers with the best CDs.

You can also promote here unrelated websites by funding the prize for our users. To do so simply go to +add link here in the table of your choice. You can always add a link with any amount of money but remember only ten highest prizes will be displayed on the front page. The full […]

The best live performing Rapper

If you have a blog, youtube channel or any other site about hip-hop/rap, you could easily promote it here! You can do it for free by adding links to your Reasons and to do so we will ask you to vote first in four categories, than you will have a chance to add your Candidate […]

Cities with the best other activities.

Our goal here is to create the biggest voting system, we want to create a league of all cities from the world. Than we will ask their citizens to tell us why they like living there. Anyone will be free to add as many Reasons as he wants. The last step is the voting, where […]

Cities with the best culture.

Where are you from? How much do you like living in your city? Tell us why – give us the Reason in our terminology – and help your city to become The City Of The Year, and what is more important you could help yourself and win some money if your Reason is good enough […]

Cities with the best contact with nature.

If you have a website about your city, or some place in your city, you could promote it with us be adding links with your Reasons. Your link must be related with your Reason. Adding links will be free to the end of the year, you could also promote your site the easy way by […]

The best coaches.

A Reason – any Candidate can have unlimited number of Reasons, you can always add one! Now when your player is selected for voting, it will have also randomly selected Reason, and by giving a vote, you are voting for The Best Football Player – and he can make into our 11 Of  The Month – and for the […]

The best Forwards.

Because of our unique voting system, when a new player (a Candidate) enters the game, he will NOT start from the bottom he will start from the middle of the table because it is a zero sum game – half players holding points but other half have negative points – and with this a new […]

The best midfielders.

We want to create here the biggest voting for the best Football Player. Rules are simple: Everyone can vote as many times as he wants. Anyone can add a player (a Candidate for the best football player), anyone can add as many Reasons as he wants. From this unlimited database you will get only three randomly selected players to […]

The best drinks.

We want to find the best food on the world! Rules are simple: everyone can vote, everyone can add unlimited number of Candidates for the best food, and so called Reasons why is this food the best, it can be recipe or description of your personal experience. Every time you get only four randomly selected […]

The best desserts.

If you have your site, a blog or youtube channel about cooking or food, you could promote it with us! You can do it by adding free links with every new food or recipe that you are adding, or fund a prize, as for today it is less than $1 and you can have your […]

The best mountains.

We want to have here all interesting places to visit. Help us by adding your favourite place, it can be a beach, a building, a mountain, a street, a natural place, and something that doesn’t fit in any of those categories – other. Than we will ask people to vote for the best tourist destinations […]

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