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Monthly archives for May, 2015

Change log.

Since June 2015 we will have one table with combined prizes for all categories in Food, Football player and Tourism also like it was in Rapper and City.

Category overview Tourism – Nature

Or maybe you are a nature liking type of person? Where do you find peace? Do you have one special place like that? Only now you can add it for free to our game and make your place The Best! 1 Grand Canyon USA   2 Ngorogoro Crater Tanzania   3 Jeita Grotto Nahr al-Kalb Valley, Lebanon   […]

Category overview Tourism – Street

Good food, music, nice people, atmosphere – you name it. What makes some part of cities special that people like to just hang out in there? Do you have your favourite place like that? We suggest you to add it to our game and possibly win some money! 1 La Rambla Barcelona, Spain   2 Wall […]

Category overview Tourism – Other

Only two more days to vote for the best things in the world in May 2015. From next Monday we’ll start publishing The Bests of that month and we’ll start voting for the best things in June 2015. 1 The Door to Hell Turkmenistan   2 Fly Geyser USA      2014 Z&co.

Category overview Rapper – Live performance

Have you been on some amazing concert lately? Who is your favorite live performing rapper? Vote for the best rapper in May 2015, only three days left to add your favorite rappers and win some money! 1   Method Man 2   Ghostface Killah 3   Kayne West 4   Jay-Z 5   Nas  

Category overview Rapper – Single

The best performing on all his or hers songs. We have combined all Reasons here each of if can be different single. If you have your favorite song of your favorite rapper, why don’t you add it here? Your rapper can became the best of the month and you can win some money! 1   Dr Dre 2 […]

Category overview City – Other

Tell us why you love your city, why it should be “the best”. We have fund some prizes and we are looking for more sponsors. Adding Reasons and Candidates is free at that moment and you can add as many as you want, so what stops you? 1   Tokyo 2   Bangkok 3   London  

Category overview City – Culture

Only four cites have some cultural events happening? If there is something interesting in your city, you should add it here! We are looking for the best city in the world, you can add as many Reasons as you want and all of them can make you some money! 1   Bangkok 7 2   New York 1 3 […]

Category overview City – Nature

Only two cites with the contact with the nature? I know it is not the purpose of cities, but if there is at least one park you like in your city – you should add it to our game! You should tell us why you like it and maybe win some money! 1   London 2 […]

Category overview Football – Coaches

This must be the emptiest category here. Only six coaches, I know they are not scoring goals but they just as important. And adding a Reason to existing or a new coach can make you money just as easy as adding it to the superstars. Do NOT wait, voting ends in five days! 1 Jose Mourinho   2 […]

Category overview Football – Forwards

The best Forwards in April 2015, or should it be just the best Football Players? Anyway, we have 16 strikers only here! If you know somebody good at this position, you should add him. You should write a Reason – write why do you think he is the best, and that Reason will be added to the game, and if […]

Category overview Football – Midfielders

The full list of the best midfielders in April 2015 is here. The last week to vote for the best Football player in May, next Tuesday we will publish results. Don’t forget you can not only vote in here, but also add a player or add a Reason to the existing player, and this Reasons can make money for […]

Category overview Food – Drink

So… food or Drink? Well… drink in category food 🙂 The full list of the best drinks in April 2015 is here. The last week to vote for the best drink, food, breakfast and dessert in May 2015 and next Monday we will publish the results, this is also the last week to add your […]

Category overview Food – Dessert

The list of the best desserts in the world in April 2015 is here! What will be the best dessert in May? It is only up to you! You decide here who is winning, do not wait, vote for the best food in the world, give us your opinion, it is very important to us. […]

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